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Hollow coal rod machine

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 23

Hollow coal rod machine

Brief introduction of Hollow coal rod machine
Hollow coal rod machine is having a certain strength of circular coal rods (or six rhombus or square). Hollow coal extruding machine is used as the coal rods can make full use of pulverized coal, don't need adding lime in the production process, reduce the cost of fuel, and improves the calorific value of coal, has high economic benefit, the other equipment is small in size, do not need to be carbonized drying equipment, do not need to steam, save investment, reduce the area. Hollow coal bar making machine solve the existing mechanism of coal surface area of coal itself is relatively small, ball core burn, the black core phenomena and high energy consumption and low efficiency, high production cost, the use of hollow rod mechanism for coal rods with low energy consumption, high efficiency and low into wood and coal rods are made of large surface area, good permeability, combustion performance fully advantages

Hollow coal rod machine

Features of Hollow coal rod machine
1. Our company produces the Hollow coal rod machine adopts machine of decelerate of hard tooth flank, small volume, high bearing capacity
2. Hollow coal bar making machine impeller adopts thickening blade design, impeller and cylinder liner plate adopts wear-resisting precision casting materials, life 4-5 times higher than that of ordinary material
3. Sports a coal rod to export a replaceable wear resistant alloy steel production, easy to change
4. Head and cylinder in the form of splicing, maintenance can be open, replacement within the impeller and cylinder liner is very convenient
5. Our company produces the Hollow coal extruding machine can replace the firstborn output cinquefoil, square, round, hexagon, octagon, and other specifications of the coal rods
6. It absorbs the advanced technique at home and abroad.

Technical Parameters of Hollow coal rod machine

Hollow coal rod machine

The molds of Hollow coal rod machine

Hollow coal rod machine

The finished products of Hollow coal rod machine

Hollow coal rod machine

Working principle of Hollow coal rod machine

Hollow coal rod machine

Packaging and shipping of the Hollow coal rod machine

Hollow coal rod machine

Customers visit our factory

 Hollow coal rod machine

Our certifications

 Hollow coal rod machine

Our Services
1. Before sale: Help customers choose the most suitable equipment; Provide advanced, energy-saving and practical flow chart as well as responsible for designing the site.
2. On sale: Inspect the product seriously before out of the factory; Invite customer for commissioning in the spot and raising the objection;
3. After sale: Company can send technical data for guiding to install debug the machine. We also can provide 24-hour telephone or message service.

About us
Lantian mechanical plant was founded in 1980s, specializing in machinery development, design, production and sales. The major products include: wood chipper, wood crusher, Hollow coal extruding machine, Hollow coal bar making machine, briquette machine, pellet mill, sawdust dryer, fruit dryer, vegetable dryer, charcoal coal ball press machine, Hollow coal stick extruder ,charcoal coal rod making machine etc. Through many years development, Lantian machinery has formed the management mechanism of generation, with sophisticated detection means, high-quality technical personnel, quality of service. Entered a new phase of development, our factory will continue to work hard, strives for the survival by the quality, seek development by science and technology, insist on the shoes, with the user in the heart of the faith, warm and thoughtful good pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, to get more customer recognition of our products, for the benefit of society.
Hollow coal rod machine

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