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Vertical chain bucket elevator

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 31

Vertical chain bucket elevator

Brief description of Vertical chain bucket elevator
Vertical chain bucket elevator is used for vertical lifting crushed limestone, coal, gypsum, clinker, clay and other dry granular materials and raw materials, cement, coal powder and other powder materials. Belt bucket elevator machine not self-feeding, and are fed at a controlled rate. The Vertical conveyor bucket elevator is usually where the chain or belt path is vertical or steeply inclined in a single plane. The Vertical bucket elevator is returned back down to a tail pulley or sprocket at the bottom. There are four broad classifications of bucket elevators: centrifugal, continuous, positive, and internal discharge. The most commonly used are the centrifugal and continuous discharge elevators. Bucket elevator is low driving power, inflow feeding, induction unloading, high-volume hopper intensive arrangement. There is almost no feed back and excavating circumstance when materials are lifted, so invalid power is little.
Vertical chain bucket elevator

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