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Alfalfa coal briquette machine

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 24

Alfalfa coal briquette machine

Description of Alfalfa coal briquette machine
Alfalfa coal briquette machine refers to rural corn stover, wheat straw, cotton stalks, straw, rice husk, wheat shell, peanut shell, corn cob, branches, leaves, sawdust and other crops, lodge Mu grass, solid waste, mushroom residue, wine residue, furfural residue, etc.) as raw material, after crushing pressure, molding, increasing production of straw coal machine. Alfalfa pellet machine is suitable for pressing hard adhesive, molding materials difficult. Such as rice husk, shell of sunflower seed, peanut shells, such as a variety of melon shell; Branches, tree trunk, bark and other wood scraps; All kinds of crops straw; Rubber, cement, ash and other chemical raw materials. Alfalfa biomass stick making machine applied in feed mills, wood processing plants, fuel factory, toy factory, chemical plants, etc., is a small investment, quick effect, no risk the most ideal dense compression molding press equipment.

Alfalfa coal briquette machine

Main parameter of Alfalfa coal briquette machine

Alfalfa coal briquette machine

Characteristics of Alfalfa coal briquette machine
1. Alfalfa pellet machine has the feature of high volatility, easy precipitation, good carbon activity, flammable, less ash, fast ignition, even more fuel savings, cost reducing
2. Alfalfa biomass stick making machine being formed is small, resistant to extinguish, and easy for storage and transportation
3. The volume is only equivalent to the one thirtieth of original straw, which is 10 to 15 times of straw of the same weight, with a density of 0.9-1.4g / cm3, calorific value reaching to 3500 to 5500 kilocalorie, belonging to high volatility solid fuel.
4. Briquette is a kind of new-style energy with renewable, environmental protection, high efficiency and low cost.
5. It is widely used of heating, hotels, restaurants, bath in industries as heat source, solved the problem of the coal boiler environmental pollution as well as the higher costs of industry fuel .
6. Alfalfa biomass stick making machine take full use of mechanical pressure. no Additives, adhesives needed in the whole process.

Shape and size of final product

Alfalfa coal briquette machine

The whole production line of Alfalfa coal briquette machine

Alfalfa coal briquette machine

Our customers

Alfalfa coal briquette machine


Alfalfa coal briquette machine

Our service
1. Assisting the clients preparing for the first construction scheme;
2. Installing and testing the equipments;
3. Training the first-line operators on site;
4. Examining the equipment regularly;

Company Information
Lantian machinery was founded in 1980s, and registered in 2007. Our main products are coal briquette machine, Alfalfa coal briquette machine ,biomass briquette machine, Alfalfa biomass stick making machine,wood pellet machine and biomass burner. In recent years, we have on the basis of the achievements of the digestion and absorption of advanced products at home and abroad, continuously introduce new products, product quality improved steadily, to the series of products, standardized development, won the majority of customers agree. We advocate "professional manufacture, honest services" enterprise culture, and smile to greet visitors, friends - cross the world. With customers mutual benefits and common development is our invariable management objective.
Alfalfa coal briquette machine

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