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Particle weighting packing machine

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 26

Particle weighting packing machine

Introduction of Particle weighting packing machine
Lantian brand Particle weighting packing machine is for sawdust particles, particles of straw cylindrical particle materials such as custom, belt feeding way, avoid the material caused by gravity blanking plug and valve material, and effectively maintain the integrity of the material. The Granular packing machine adopts the unibody design, prevent function, specially added unbonded; Unique back device can absorb dust, to guarantee the material into the bag. Automatic packing scale is suitable for filling the liquidity, good powdery and granular materials particles. Granular packing machine is applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, pesticide starch grain and other aspects of the small bag packaging. Vertical packing machine can be divided into packaging and small packing, small packing is suitable for filling the liquidity better particle materials such as plastic pellets, fertilizer particle, chicken essence, feed particles, chemical, monosodium glutamate, white sugar, seeds, grain and other quantitative packaging materials. Automatic particle packing machine has simple structure, high measuring accuracy, flexible operation, metering size by adjusting the measuring cup height change the capacity to implement the measuring cup, filling speed can be adjusted within the chassis you belt transmission.
Particle weighting packing machine


Features of Particle weighting packing machine
1. Bags-making, measuring, filling, sealing and cutting can be achieved automatically.
2. Special and particular intelligence protection take the machine to auto stop to get the protection and display the fail information when the machine fail in temperature control, color mark hunt control and film finish.
3. When the packaging film is empty or broken, the Particle packing machine will stop and display “film end”.
4. The working is stable, easy to use, high yield and low wastage.
5. By changing the structure of heat sealing, packaging can be made into three auto regulating, four auto regulating, pillow shape, etc.
6. By changing the structure of heat sealing, packaging can be made into three auto regulating, four auto regulating, pillow shape, etc.

Technical parameters of Particle weighting packing machine

Particle weighting packing machine

Before and after packaging

Particle weighting packing machine

Our certifications

Particle weighting packing machine

Our service
1. Any questions in technical can contact us by e-mail and deal with it.
2. Spare parts replacement and repair service.
3. Engineer can be distributed into overseas required.

Company Information
Lantian mechanical is a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing granular materials, intelligent quantitative packaging machine, packaging lines and auxiliary equipment.  Lantian machinery with its own professional technical strength and excellent processing equipment, detailed and thoughtful, perfect after-sales service, is willing to develop biomass pellet fuel for the social from all walks of life friend to provide first-class products, first-class service

Particle weighting packing machine

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