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Coal ball press machine

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 17

Coal ball press machine

Brief introduction of Coal ball press machine
Coal ball press machine is mainly used to press one kind or several kinds of coal powder, etc, that mixed with a certain proportion of binder, to coal briquettes which with certain shape and certain physical and chemical properties. Coal powder ball press machine is mainly used for pressing materials with low water content such as all kinds of charcoal powders, ore powder and refractory, coal powder, carbon black powder and other fine powder mineral materials. This kind of Coal ball briquette press machine are easily to press all kinds of powders into round, pillow or square shape, thus reducing the environmental production of dust and also saving material delivery cost

Coal ball press machine

Technical references of Coal ball press machine

Coal ball press machine

Coal ball press machine
1.30 years experience
2.CE and ISO certificates
3. large capacity
4. high pressure

Main features of the Coal ball press machine
1. Our Coal dust ball press machine has tremendous pressure.
2. According to your raw material and capacity, we have different size Coal ball briquette press machine to fulfill your demands.
3. Coal powder ball press machine is widely used in coal forming, Dry powder molding, Desulfurization gypsum molding, Coke powder molding, Scrap iron and various metal mineral powder molding and so on.
4. The roller is made by hard materials with good wear resistance and long life time.
5.The molding materials are energy saving, easy to transport and higher utilization of waste 6.The final products are smokeless, non-toxic, none peculiar and environmental protection.

The molds

Coal ball press machine

The final products of Coal ball press machine

Coal ball press machine

The whole production line related to Coal ball press machine
1. Through reducer transmitting the powder material to two rollers, and making them rotated in opposite directions.
2. The powder materials naturally enter into the roller molds.
3. When the materials rotating to two rollers line contact points, materials pressure reached a peak.
4. Under enormous pressure, the powder materials are suppressed into finished briquette

Coal ball press machine

Our Services
(1) Device model choice.
(2) According to the customer's special requirements, design and manufacture of products.
(3) Training technical personnel for clients.
(4) The company sent engineering and technical personnel free field for the user to the user's site planning, optimal design process and scheme.

Our customers from different countries

Coal ball press machine

Packaging & Shipping of Coal ball press machine

Coal ball press machine


Coal ball press machine

Company Information
Lantian machinery is the production of pressure ball machine equipment series, the dryer series products of professional manufacturers, factory for over 30 years, the company constantly updated, improvement of production technology, emphasis on drying, pressure ball machine equipment technology research and development, constantly develop new pressure ball equipment series products, the main products are: desulfurization gypsum pressure ball machine, Coal ball press machine,Coal powder ball press machine,Coal ball briquette press machine ,Coal dust ball press machine, etc., the introduction of high-tech mechanical testing equipment, pressure ball according to the material composition and adhesive composition analysis, experiment and matching.

Coal ball press machine

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