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Desulfurization gypsum dryer

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 22

Desulfurization gypsum dryer

Brief introduction of Desulfurization gypsum dryer
Desulfurization gypsum dryer is also called Gypsum rotary drying machine, which is mainly used to dry the desulfurization gypsum with primary humidity at 30% to 10% or below. The Desulfurization gypsum rotary dryer is mainly composed of rotator, lifting board, transmission device, supporting device and sealing ring etc. Desulfurization gypsum Rotary Dryer is widely used for drying slag limestone, coal powder, slag, clay, etc. Gypsum rotary drying machine can also be used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical and cement industry.  Gypsum rotary drying machine is a kind of highly efficient, stable and reliable heating drying equipment (dryer), it is designed by Lantian heavy equipment to dry materials of high moisture or strong stickiness.

Desulfurization gypsum dryer

Performance characteristics of Desulfurization gypsum dryer
1. Strong anti overload ability, large handling capacity, less fuel consumption, low dry cost.
2. According to different materials' properties change operation parameters, make the material in the dryer cylinder body can form a stable all broken fabric curtain, qualitative heat is more fully,
3. New feeding and discharging device eliminate the feeding jams, discontinuous, uneven and returning charge etc. Phenomenon, reduce the load of dust removal system.
4. The Desulfurization gypsum rotary dryer work uniformly and the drying product is very good.
5. With complete dust removal equipment and protect the environmental.
6. With simple and excellent structure, the material running smoothly inside the desulfurization gypsum dryer cylinder.

Technical parameter of Desulfurization gypsum dryer

Desulfurization gypsum dryer

Compared before and after drying

Desulfurization gypsum dryer

Working principle of Desulfurization gypsum dryer  
Materials are sent to hopper of Gypsum rotary drying machine by belt conveyor or bucket elevator, then enter the barrel installed with slope to horizontal line from the higher side, and hot air enters the barrel from the lower side, and then materials and hot air mix together. Materials go to the lower side by gravity when the barrel is rotating. Lifters on the inner side of barrel lift materials up and down in order to make materials and hot air mix completely, which is designed to improve the producing efficiency of rotary dryer.

Desulfurization gypsum dryer

The case

Desulfurization gypsum dryer

Customers visiting our factory

Desulfurization gypsum dryer

Packaging and shipping

Desulfurization gypsum dryer

Our certifications

Desulfurization gypsum dryer

Our Services
1.Welcome customer consultations, propose plant operation scales based on customer needs, and provide detail plant constructing plan;
2.Provide customers with related technical documents timely;
3.Provide equipment installation and commissioning service;
4.Structure the management framework for customers, train production management, equipment maintenance and quality control personnel;

Company information
Lantian Machinery is a company mainly produce large and medium-sized dryer, ball mill, beneficiation equipment is given priority to, It's a company which sets research and development, production, sales for the integration. Over the years, the company brings together a large number of forge ahead and represents the industry leading technology level of management, scientific elite. Company attaches great importance to the international technical exchanges and cooperation, the introduction of international advanced technology and technology of the developed countries, on the basis of the localization of foreign advanced technology, we have been in the rational exploration, innovation, development of new products for the customers at home and abroad
Desulfurization gypsum dryer

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