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Belt dryer machine

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 22

Belt dryer machine

Description of Belt dryer machine
Lantian machinery production of Belt dryer machine is the use of steel network as a transport carrier material for continuous drying equipment. Is due to the conveyor belt mesh, so on baking rules or irregular lumps (such as: coal, carbon blocks of various mineral powder pellets, food, etc.) is the most appropriate. Conveyor mesh belt dryer and other equipment, can also be used alone. Coal briquettes mesh belt dryer can be widely used in metallurgy, building materials, ceramics, chemical fertilizers, chemical and other industries, and Belt dryer machine is for drying food and vegetable processing and an ideal equipment. Conveyor belt dryer is the material through the fabric of institutions such as Pelleting machine, distribution on the conveyor belt, conveyor mesh belt use 12 to 60 purpose steel mesh belt, conveyor belt by one or several heating unit consisting of a channel, by moving back and forth inside the transmission device drag in the dryer, each heating units are equipped with air heating and circulation system, each channel has one or more rows of wet system, the conveyor belt through the hot air in the materials passing through, the water vapor from the education in the platoon is wet hole, so as to achieve the purpose of uniform drying.

Belt dryer machine

Features of Belt dryer machine
1. Big capacity, fast drying speed, high evaporation strength;
2. The standardization production, according to increase the number of production, easy installation and maintenance;
3. Convenient adjustment, drying parameters, such as can adjust the volume of hot air, heating temperature, residence time, etc., large elasticity of operation, adaptation of wide;
4. Dry material uniformity, good consistency;
5. The hot air recycling, high energy saving.
6. Conveyor belt dryer is fully enclosed structure. There no outer air pipes except the dehumidifying air pipe, thus the materials won’t be polluted and the heat efficiency and working condition are improved.

Technical parameter of Belt dryer machine

Belt dryer machine

Application scope
Coal briquettes mesh belt dryer is a common continuous-working drying equipment. It can be widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, foodstuff, building materials, and electron industries. It is especially suitable for drying the flaking shape, strip shape, and granule materials with good ventilating. To filter cake and cream materials, they can be shaped by granulator or extruder, and then be dried by belt dryer.

Belt dryer machine

The details of Belt dryer machine

Belt dryer machine

Working principle of the Belt dryer machine
Conveyor belt dryer is the nose, drying section, the tail, mesh belt, transmission device, into the duct, air outlet, fan air (hot are another place), etc.
Material is the nose into the slowly through the drying, mesh belt speed according to the kinds of material and water content. To get the best drying effect and appropriate production, material, mesh belt linear velocity, distribution of the water content of the air and the wind temperature must be appropriate and reasonable, organic union.

Belt dryer machine

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Belt dryer machine

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Belt dryer machine


Belt dryer machine

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Belt dryer machine

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