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Walnut kernel oil press machine

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 28

Descriptions of Walnut kernel oil press machine
Walnut kernel oil press machine is a kind of screw press product. Lantian brand series of Walnut oil press expeller is our company and China agricultural machinery research institute of grain and oil food research institute jointly developed a new generation of high efficiency and energy saving oil equipment, screw press conform to the department of agriculture agricultural technical requirements and standards requirements, the production of oil authentic, fidelity is pure, is to create the best choice of the "modern oil mill". Lantian Mechanical Plant of world Walnut oil press expeller will be efficient in the production of intelligent technology applied to the design of the Walnut oil press, created the integration of the real meaning of extract refined oil press equipment, the main oil producing region are popular in China. Widely used in peanut, soybean, rapeseed, canopy, sesame, walnut, 'Sue seeds, almond, cottonseed, sesame, corn germ and so on the many kinds of oil-bearing crops.

Walnut kernel oil machine

Characteristics of Walnut kernel oil press machine
1. Simple structure: this Walnut oil press expeller is very easy to handle.
2. High capacity: the capacities of this Walnut oil press various from 1 ton per day to 18 ton per day.
3. Automatic temperature control: scientific heating, automatic temperature control press.
4. Auto oil filter: the use of the principle of negative pressure air, vacuum streaming technology, built-in vacuum shunt, oil, slag effective separation
5. Safe and convenient: the structure of the Walnut oil press expeller is compact, taking up less space; transmission using fully enclosed protection, safe and operation convenient.
6. It changed the disadvantages of traditional refinery workshop, such as simple equipment, operational complexity, high energy consumption and low oil yield.

Technical data of Walnut kernel oil press machine

Walnut kernel oil machine

Applications of Walnut kernel oil press machine

Walnut kernel oil machine

The final product

Walnut kernel oil machine

The structure of Walnut kernel oil press machine

Walnut kernel oil machine

Our customers from all over the world

Walnut kernel oil machine

Packaging and shipping

Walnut kernel oil machine

Our certifications

Walnut kernel oil machine

Our service
1. According to the customer needs to recommend relative models machine.
2. According to the customer's special requirements to customize equipments.
3. Our engineers will supply the site and equipment drawing.
4. According to the purchase contract, our company can send engineers to help installation.
5. The quality guarantee is 1 year, not including the wearing parts.

About us
Lantian machinery was established in 1980 s, after years of development and accumulation of experience, our factory research and development and production of the oil press production line series equipment, mainly used in peanut, rapeseed, sesame, soybean, cotton seed oil press, such as series of products mainly include Walnut kernel oil press machine, Walnut oil press expeller, Walnut oil press, sesame oil press and hydraulic oil press, and form a complete set of peanut sheller, frying pan, spiral feeding machine and the centrifugal filter oil machine, etc. Our factory technical force is abundant, reliable product quality, product guarantees, free installation and debugging. The company all staff welcome new and old customers coming guidance business negotiations

Walnut kernel oil machine

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