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Box-type dryer

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 22

Box-type dryer

Description of Box- type dryer
Gongyi Lantian machinery factory, independent research and development of Charcoal coal box dryer is suitable for coal, carbon block, flammable, fragile, duct design is clever, with automatic temperature control system, temperature control accurate + 2 ℃, less investment, low energy consumption, low noise, heat source and the chassis together into one, without a foundation, on the ground plane on the motor can be used immediately. Uniform Charcoal coal box dryer drying equipment, complete, fast speed, high efficiency, and the material is not easy to adhesion, and can realize automatic temperature control, automatic moisture removal, can keep dry material better shape, keep the drying material color and shape, to improve the quality of the product. In addition, Box dryer machine can use electric heating, automatic temperature control, automatic moisture removal, moisture removal rate is adjustable. Coal-fired stove, reasonable configuration, the working temperature at 35 ℃ to 85 ℃, without special management, just regular feeding.

Box-type dryer

Features of Box- type dryer
1. Less investment, low energy consumption, low noise;
2.The automatic temperature control system, temperature control accurate + 2 ℃, drying thoroughly;
3. Needs no subsequent installation to build kilns, without a foundation, put the ground plane;
4. Box type food dryer machine is drying a wide scope of raw material (chart).
5. Various heat sources: coal, wood, electric can be used for energy
6. We can design different types Charcoal briquette dryer according to your requirement

Technical parameter of Box- type dryer

Box-type dryer

 Box- type dryer applicable scope

Box-type dryer

The details of Box- type dryer

Box-type dryer

Working principle of the Box- type dryer
Using biomass fuel/coal/charcoal or electricity to make hot air for box dryer then using draught fan to provide tremendous pressure for box dryer. Tremendous pressure makes hot air into drying cabinet and make hot air recycle in box dryer's cabinet. Hot air is released through small holes in the shelves. Each small room in the box dryer has 14 layers.(box dryer)

Box-type dryer
Our foreign customers

Box-type dryer

Packaging & Shipping

Box-type dryer


Box-type dryer

Our service
1. Pre-Sale: We can assist you analyze your particular requirements and offer you a single machine, or a complete production line.
2. During Sale: Accompany you to check the performance of the machine; train technical stuff for you
3. After-Sale: We can offer you related technical support and guide you to install the products, or send our engineer to your factory for the installation. Also we provide one year warranty for all of our products.

About us
Gongyi Lantian Machinery is established in 1980s, is a high-tech private enterprise integrated the production of research & development, design and manufacture. Our factory was praised one of 10 best production enterprises for years in the fields of Box type food dryer machine. Our company combined with market demand and the technical development trend, the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technology digestion and absorption, including innovation. And growing issue of science and technology and the scientific research investment .Lantian machinery to insist on the part of sales income as the new product development funds, vigorously improve the high-tech product research and development, testing and production, speed up the development of high-tech products and large-scale production.

Box-type dryer

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