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Feeding machine

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 29

Feeding machine

Brief introductions of Feeding machine
Feeding machine is also called the hoist, which can be widely used in plastic, medicine, food, chemical production in the process of powder on the transfer of material. Storage container and pipeline adopts stainless steel materials (according to customer's requirement) production, to ensure the raw materials in the process of conveying completely is not contaminated. System is equipped with the time relay, can be set on the rate of time according to the time rate of JJ - 1000 series Powder feeding machine required for food and grain and oil processing machinery, Screw feeder machine can be automatic powder or granular food raw materials directly to the hopper, or high speed mixing machine, mixer, such as container, in contact with raw materials, adopt stainless steel, in conveying process of raw material is not affected by pollution, not to any foreign body, make the production process to realize the automatic closed. Screw feeder machine is essential to automatic oil press equipment and good equipment.

Feeding machine

Features of Feeding machine
1, Installation is convenient, and portable, such as many sets of mixer using the same kind of material, only one machine at the same time for more than one mix material on the whole, obviate the necessity of artificial feeding, make the charging work safety and more to save time and effort.
2, Design reasonable, advanced, convenient operation and maintenance, compared with the vacuum feeding machine, often clean the filter can be avoided.
3, This Powder feeding machine is used for a wide range, can be in powder, plastic particles, powder mixtures, but also on the broken material, also can be used for medicine, chemical production in the process of powder on the transfer of material.

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