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Coke hammer crusher

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 26

Coke hammer crusher

Descriptions of Coke hammer crusher
Coke hammer crusher is mainly used for coke, coal cinder, coal gangue, shale, slag, slag, high wet materials such as widely used to the big small and medium-sized brick factory, coal, slag, coal, coal and other industries use. Coking coal crusher in the rain can also production as usual, to dry the wet material, without any requirements for crushing moisture content 100% of the material will not happen jam. The Double stage hammer crusher is equivalent to two sets of hammer crusher, reasonable combined into a whole, two sets of rotor string use. The Double stage hammer crusher can crush powder coke, coal cinder and so on more than 100 kinds of raw materials. Can also be crushed construction waste, waste. The Coking coal crusher production is big, the noise is small, equipment operation is stable, crushing efficiency is very good. The improvement of our factory constant innovation, the old crushing hammer head and liner wear too fast

Coke hammer crusher

Feature of Coke hammer crusher
1. To increase production, as well as reduce the cycle of dust settlement.
2. High safety coefficient, rainy days do not affect production.
3. Even though the spindle uses for a long time but do not have to change.
4. Coking coal crusher design is not the bottom of the screen and screen mesh, crushing material won't happen jam, and a very fine granularity
5. The Double stage hammer crusher with high alloy wear-resistant hammer head. Hammer handle combination, only in hammer head, don't change the hammer handle
6. Coking coal crusher has a balancing device, can save electricity by 20%, and also strengthen the power of the hammer head, increased the production

Technical references of Coke hammer crusher

Coke hammer crusher

Before and after crushing products

Coke hammer crusher

Our customers from different countries

Coke hammer crusher

Packaging & Shipping of Coke hammer crusher

Coke hammer crusher


Coke hammer crusher

Our service
1. Assist clients to prepare for the first construction scheme;
2. Install and debug the equipment;
3. Train the first-line operators on site;
4. 24 hours, all-weather telephone service, festival and holiday as usual.

Company Information
As a modern supplier of mining machinery rising in China, our company has been stepping towards a top mining machinery manufacturer of the world and striving to build an important mining machinery R&D and production base in China. Companies adhere to the "to the quality strives for the survival, to the credibility of development" policy, develops the market, service users, achieved good social benefits and economic benefits, through the ISO9001-2000 quality certification, products for many years, have been sold throughout the country and exported abroad, well received by users.

Coke hammer crusher

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