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Coal slurry briquette machine

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 17

Coal slurry briquette machine
Brief introduction of Coal slurry briquette machine
The Coal slurry briquette machine is widely used in mining production line, coal industry and chemical industry. Many kinds of raw materials are suitable for the Coal sludge briquette making machine. Such as coal powder / coal fine/ coal dust/ coal slurry, charcoal powder / charcoal fine/charcoal dust, all kinds of metal powder and other raw materials. Coal slurry pressure ball machine has the properties of high efficiency, energy saving and environment protection. Through changing the mold of the roller, it can press different shapes ball. The shape of end product can be round, square, pillow and so on. Now after dried through a drum dryer, coal slurry can be compress into solid briquettes. The briquettes heating value is improved as moisture is reduced.
Solid briquettes are strong for transportation and storage. Coal slurry ball press machine is applied in power plant, large industrial boilers and home warming.

Coal slurry briquette machine

Technical references of Coal slurry briquette machine

Coal slurry briquette machine

Coal slurry briquette machine
1. High briquette ratio.
2. Excellent working performance
3. High strength
4.CE and ISO

Main features of the Coal slurry briquette machine
1. High strength, good toughness, wear-resisting performance is good.
2. Coal sludge briquette making machine is Energy saving, friendly-environment
3. Easy to transport and improve the utilization of waste.
4. The Coal slurry pressure ball machine can produce products with different shapes and specifications by changing the roller;
5. Multi-use, it can make different material briquettes.
6. Easy operation and no flying dust

The molds of Coal slurry briquette machine

Coal slurry briquette machine

The final products of Coal slurry briquette machine

Coal slurry briquette machine

The whole production line related to Coal slurry briquette machine
With the help of the belt conveyor, the material got into the feed inlet of the Coal slurry ball press machine steadily. The raw material was put into the space between the two rollers well- proportioned, pressure between the two contact speed reverse moving direction getting higher, and reach the highest level in the center, line of the two rollers. After the raw material pass the center line, the molding pressure getting lower and make the raw material turn into ball and get off the machine.
Coal slurry briquette machine

Our Services
1.If any interest in our Coal slurry ball press machine ,please feel free to contract me and let me know your requirement on capacity and material size.
2.We are professional machine manufacturer, we will help to choose the most suitable machine for you.
3. Quality Commitment: Quality Warranty, Grantee Period: 1 year. Supply wearing parts with favorable price and long term after-sales service.
4.If you need, we will dispatch professional engineer for installation, trail and worker training.

Our customers from different countries

Coal slurry briquette machine

Packaging & Shipping of Coal slurry briquette machine

Coal slurry briquette machine


Coal slurry briquette machine

Company Information
our company makes a series of a complete set of automatic production line for pulverized Coal slurry briquette machine, Coal slurry pressure ball machine, Coal sludge briquette making machine,Coal slurry ball press machine, it is widely used in power plants, metallurgical, chemical, energy, transportation, heating and other industries, after pressing ball mechanism for forming material, has the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, easy to transport, and improve the utilization of waste, has the good economic efficiency and social benefits.

Coal slurry briquette machine

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