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Our company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of various molding equipment. We not only provide BBQ charcoal machine, coal powder machine, hydraulic tablet press machine equipment for users, but also provide a series of services for users.The company not only has skilled technical personnel and experienced after-sales service team, and follow the trend, the Internet technology is applied to the company in the production and operation of each link, actively carry out Internet marketing, provides the company's latest product information and technical services in a timely manner

Pre-sales service
(1) To guide customers to choose the most suitable devices of all kinds of model.
(2) Free sent engineering and technical personnel to the scene for the user planning site, design the best processes and programs.
(3) According to customer's special requirements, design and manufacture of products.

On-sale service
(1) Review the contact, confirm or amend the uncertainties or the issues that have to be fixed through negotiations by both parties.
(2) Assign production orders and arrange production as per requirement.
(3) Provide technical consultation as well as the advices on the plan of factory establishment.

After-sales service
(1) Appoint special after-sale service staff, to the scene to guide customers installation equipment
(2) The debugging and commissioning of the equipment.
(3) On-site training operators.
(4) The problems in the production of domestic customers, our company service personnel guarantee within 24 hours to give definite solutions, 48 hours drive to the scene to deal with

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