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Avocado seed oil press

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 28

Avocado seed oil press

Descriptions of Avocado seed oil press
Avocado is also called avocados, belong to lauraceae avocado belongs to the evergreen trees, is a famous tropical fruit, it is also one of woody oil species. Nut oil content 8% ~ 29%, Our factory production of Avocado seed oil press used to squeeze avocado nuts, so as to extract useful oil, it's a non-drying oil refining is, without excitant, acidity is small, can be saved for a long time after emulsification, in addition to eating, Avocado oil press machine is also one of advanced skin care products, and spa material. In addition, fatty oil, nuts as a drying oil, has a mild aroma, specific gravity 0.9132, saponification value 192.6, iodine value, 94.4 1.6% unsaponifiable matters, for food, medicine and cosmetic industry.

Avocado seed oil press

Characteristics of Avocado seed oil press
1. Avocado oil screw press machine is mainly composed of electric control, automatic heating, adjustment, transmission and vacuum oil filter components.
2. The Avocado oil screw press machine is made of alloy steel through carburizing treatment, enhance the surface hardness and wear resistance;
3. Press row is grinding through flat grinder, guarantee the accuracy of oil line, improve the yield efficiency;
4. The standard parts like distribution, vacuum and automatic heating choose domestic well-known brand, optimize machine configuration;
5. The Avocado oil press machine surface is of stainless steel and chrome plating processing, in line with food hygiene standards.
6. Cake thickness can be adjusted once the oil extraction machine stop running;

Technical data of Avocado seed oil press

Avocado seed oil press

Applications of Avocado seed oil press

Avocado seed oil press

The final product

Avocado seed oil press

The structure of Avocado seed oil press

Avocado seed oil press

Our customers from all over the world

Avocado seed oil press

Packaging and shipping

Avocado seed oil press

Our certifications

Avocado seed oil press

Our service
(1) Pre-sale Service:
Suitable-design products and reasonable price will be supplied to you to meet your need. We can also offer experiment to test the equipment that the customer need.
 (2) After-sale Service:
On the spot guidance for installation by our engineers and the buyer is responsible for the expense, we have a perfect after-sales service system and team with professional.

About us
We pursue excellence, create high-quality agricultural products, oil mill, peanut oil press, small oil mill, rapeseed oil press, automatic oil press, Avocado seed oil press,Avocado oil press machine, Avocado oil screw press machine and other edible oil processing equipment. Growth in profit "business philosophy, steadfast to do for customers pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, to provide warm service to our customers. Our service network to achieve the sales of our products everywhere, as long as the customer requirements, our service personnel will within 48 hours give satisfactory answer to the customer.
Avocado seed oil press

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