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Waste computer board crusher

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 30

Waste computer board crusher

Brief introduction of Waste computer board crusher
Waste computer board crusher is a kind of advanced finely crushing equipment. We produce all kinds of metal crusher, Computer PCB board crusher various waste mainboard, cans of coke cans, paint bottle crushed into small particles, this is the role of the computer motherboard crusher. The Lantian of Computer scrap crusher body material and lining board is cast steel, shell for one-time casting, the inside of the Computer PCB board crusher crushing blade as manganese steel, the iron, iron better crushed into small particles. Waste circuit board shredder blade as wearing parts, so customer needs stock. Lantian machinery factory production of Computer scrap crusher crushing out of small metal particles no pollution, no paint, and computer main board mill operation and no noise!

Waste computer board crusher

Features of Waste computer board crusher
1. Host shell made of thick steel plate, lining for high manganese steel, can be replaced
2. Not broken after entering the body, can open the discharge door, by the operating personnel to be out of the body, so as to avoid damage to the crusher.
3. Waste circuit board shredder can install conveyor belt feeding equipment, a full range of control switch makes you more relaxed bicycle crusher operation, the process operation is simple, a person can control a bicycle grinder.
4. Computer scrap crusher models complete, suitable for any factory to use, and can according to the requirements of a variety of design and production
5. The material after broken, but can small, cover an area of an area small, can satisfy the requirement of feed charging directly.
6. Waste circuit board shredder drive device is equipped with safety protection, which can effectively prevent accidental failures result in equipment damage

The main technical parameters of Waste computer board crusher

Waste computer board crusher

Before and after crushing

Waste computer board crusher

Our customers from different countries

Waste computer board crusher

Packaging & Shipping of Waste computer board crusher

Waste computer board crusher


Waste computer board crusher

Our Services
1. Discuss and research with customer, and design the best scheme for customer,
2. Arrange pick-up for customer visiting the factory.
3. Check all the parts of the machine, guarantee high quality,
4. Prepare documents required to pass customs clearance,
5. Provide installation and working instruction, arrange engineers to help to install the machine,

Company Information
Gongyi Lantian machinery  is a manufacture, the installment is a body comprehensive backbone enterprises. Our factory is specializing in the production of metal crusher, metal grinder, Waste computer board crusher, Computer PCB board crusher, Computer scrap crusher, Waste circuit board shredder, wood crusher, wood powder machine, sawdust machine equipment and other products. Our company since its establishment, in their own development and long-term close cooperation with the relevant scientific research units, with sophisticated equipment, first-class technology, make the product innovation, has introduced foreign advanced technology, process and testing base, for the development of new products and new technology promotion
Waste computer board crusher

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