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Lignite coal rods machine

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 23

Lignite coal rods machine

Brief introduction of Lignite coal rods machine
Lignite coal rods machine can make Lignite coal powder into sticks. The shape of the sticks can be made by customer requirements. The finished production can be widely used in many fields, such as BBQ, home, industry, the greatest merit of them is to be easily ignited by a lighter, very convenient, also, their burning time is very long. Our company produces the Lignite coal rods making machine of decelerate of hard tooth flank, small volume, high bearing capacity. With varying pitch impeller and blade adopts the design of upset cylinder lining board with wear-resisting precision casting material, Lignite coal forming machine impeller adopts thickening blade design, impeller and cylinder liner plate adopts wear-resisting precision casting materials, life 4-5 times higher than that of ordinary material

Lignite coal rods machine

Features of Lignite coal rods machine
1. Lignite coal forming machine barrel abrasion resistance of wall open several grinding groove, and wear groove on discharging mouth side is not:
2. Lignite coal rods making machine discharging mouth set and blades of the propeller shaft friction surface wear-resisting coating cemented carbide powder.
3. Lignite coal rods machine use hardened reducer, small size, high load carrying capacity.
4. Thick internal impeller blade design, impeller and liner using wear-resistant cylinder body made of cast materials, life expectancy increased 4-5 times than ordinary materials.
5. The mold of this machine can be changed for making different shapes charcoal.
6.Through high temperature of the coal briquette machine, purification and smoke abatement, carbonization furnace making semi-finished product into clean coals with no smoke, no taste.

Technical Parameters of Lignite coal rods machine

Lignite coal rods machine

The molds of Lignite coal rods machine

Lignite coal rods machine

The finished products of Lignite coal rods machine

Lignite coal rods machine

Working principle of Lignite coal rods machine
Lignite coal forming machine feed the ratio and retting coal powder mixture into a nitrogen treated barrel by the extrusion of principle, which will compress into section for round or plum flower form or other shape. The final coal rods have a certain mechanical strength by formed in this equipment

Lignite coal rods machine

The case

Lignite coal rods machine

Packaging and shipping of the Lignite coal rods machine

Lignite coal rods machine

Customers visit our factory

Lignite coal rods machine

Our certifications

Lignite coal rods machine

Our Services
1. 24 hours online service
2. We can design the machine and provide drawing paper depends on your facts
3. Engineer available to install machinery overseas
4. We will pick you up at airport or railway station when you come to visit our factory

About us
Lantian machinery has developed to be a professional enterprise specializing in the R&D, design, manufacture. We can produce any kind of briquette making machine, honeycomb briquette machine, Lignite coal rods machine, Lignite coal rods making machine, Lignite coal forming machine,the shape of the briquettes can be square, circle, pillow, etc, and we can manufacture special mold for customers. Lantian machinery consists of market research, technical innovation, product design, equipment manufacture, after-sales service, environmental science, network construction and other departments We have abundant capital and professional technology, advanced testing and production equipment to make our products quality, are exported to all over the world, for the general customers the consistent high praise.

Lignite coal rods machine

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