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Crushing and mixing machine

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 31

Crushing and mixing machine

Brief description of Crushing and mixing machine
Crushing and mixing machine is an important corollary equipment, Coal crusher and mixer has the characteristics of pulverized coal, automatic feeding, without people to participate in the pulverized coal powder can be good to mix in the hopper, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and achieved the effect of mixing the materials. Charcoal briquette crushing and mixing machine structure is crusher, mixer, conveyor, or with screen three/four-in-one-machine has an effect of energy saving, three or four machines (crusher, mixer, conveyor or with screen) use just one motor (5.5KW). What’s more, the bottom of the sieve in the crusher can be replace for different raw materials.

Crushing and mixing machine

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