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Carbon black pellet machine

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 18

Carbon black pellet machine

Brief introduction of Carbon black pellet machine
Lantian series Carbon black pellet machine is using roller squeezing (extrusion) working principle, make dry powder, fertilizer, coal powder, charcoal powder, carbon black powder become small ball shape briquettes. The products have the three high characteristics: high density, high strength and high hardness. Carbon black granular pressing machine is the ideal pressing shaping equipment with low investment and high profit. Carbon black granule making machine can make full use of Carbon black resources, and in the production process, it can reduce the fuel cost and improve the calorific value of coal, which increase the efficiency greatly. The finished shape can be ball shape, oval shape, pillow shape or other special shape; The size can be 4-15 mm. The Graphite powder granulating machine is widely used in the feed plant, wood processing, fuel plant, fertilizer plant and chemical plant etc.

Carbon black pellet machine

Main technical parameters of Carbon black pellet machine

Carbon black pellet machine

Carbon black pellet machine
1.High heating capacity
2.Low power consumption
3.Stable performance
4.Easy to operate

Features of Carbon black pellet machine
1. High concentricity, resist reverse thrust and reliable working.
2. Don't need to add other adhesives, simple process, and lower investment cost of a complete set of granulation equipment
3.  Low noise, and also over load protection.
4. Carbon black granular pressing machine have simple structure, easy operate and maintenance
5. Independent output device, ensure formation rate of pellets.
6. Reduce dust pollution, control capacity, and recycle waste

Finished products of Carbon black pellet machine

Carbon black pellet machine

The production line of Carbon black pellet machine
Raw materials ---crushing---feeding---mixing---briquetting---drying---finished products

Carbon black pellet machine

Packaging and shipping of Carbon black granule making machine

Carbon black pellet machine

Our customers from all over the world

Carbon black pellet machine


Carbon black pellet machine

Our service
To ensure the machine good working in customer site, it is suggested that customer send workers to accept the training about how to work with machine, how to solve frequently asked problems, how to replace spares etc. In this way can we ensure the good working and give warranty of 1 year for the machine. Or we can send you our technician to customer side to help customer set up the machine and train your workers.

Factory show
We Gongyi Lantian Machinery Manufacturing Factory was established in 1980s, we specialize in Graphite powder granulating machine manufacturing for about 30 years. Our company has the abundant technical force, high-quality staff and CAD design center, to provide enterprises with technology improvement, equipment production, installation, debugging, formula and so on a series of full-service, product coverage throughout the country, some products have been supporting exports.

Carbon black pellet machine

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