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Dry powder pellet machine

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 18

Dry powder pellet machine

Brief introduction of Dry powder pellet machine
Gongyi Lantian machinery factory are the professional manufacturers to product Dry powder pellet machine, granulating machine, recycling equipment series products Dry powder briquette pellet machine is Lantian machinery developed a new generation of granulation equipment. Characteristics is equipped with a hydraulic device, mechanical vibration device of prestressing continuous feeder, forced feeding screw feed hopper of the combination of feeding system, to ensure the continuity of feeding, sufficiency and uniformity. High pressure dry powder pellet making machine can be all kinds of powder material granulation, to facilitate transportation and smelting direct use or use, no dust float in the sky, in the process of secondary operations to reduce material loss and environmental pollution. High pressure dry powder pellet making machine is only applicable to material does not contain water

Dry powder pellet machine

Main technical parameters of Dry powder pellet machine

Dry powder pellet machine


Dry powder pellet machine
1. For dry powder
2. No need adhesive
3.High molding rate
4.High capacity and low noise

Features of Dry powder pellet machine
1. To adapt to the wide scope of raw material, particle intensity can be adjusted freely according to different materials;
2. The particle size to choose, high molding rate, when discharging dust, particle shape intact
3. Particle high intensity, conveying, measuring, packing is accurate, convenient. The mass density of the increase is more significant than other granulation mode
4. Compact structure, simple operation, short process, low failure rate
5. A high degree of mechanization, more than a man machine control can be realized, low labor intensity, and can long-term continuous operation, etc.
6. Our factory machine designers will install Dry powder briquette pellet machine for you

The molds of Dry powder pellet machine

Dry powder pellet machine

Finished products of Dry powder pellet machine

Dry powder pellet machine

The principle diagram of the machine work

Packaging and shipping

Dry powder pellet machine

Our customers from all over the world

Dry powder pellet machine


Dry powder pellet machine

Our service
In the after sales service, Lantian machinery has a team of briquetting professionals ready to help you. We provide one year warranty for all of our products and six month for the wear parts. Spare and wear parts are always close to you.

Factory show
Our company is willing to take full use of the latest technology, dedicated to providing superior products with reliable quality, favorable prices and perfect service for users who need us to design, manufacture and install coal production lines. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to our company for the visit. In these ten years, we study the foreign advanced technology, rich experience and lesson, to promote our granulator continuous improvement and innovation, in the end by the user's praise and recognition

Dry powder pellet machine

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