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Hazelnut oil press

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 28

Hazelnut oil press

Descriptions of Hazelnut oil press
The Hazelnut oil press utilizes the screw shaft which is setup with different styles of screws and rotates when machine is running to push the material into chamber. Then the oil is separated out through the extrusion of pressing worm and pressing ring.  Our Hazelnut oil making machine can be press more than 30 oil seeds, such as such as peanuts, beans, rape seeds, cotton seeds, sesame, sunflower seeds, coconuts and grass seeds, etc The fried material’s quality is a direct impact on the quality of oil and the rate of oil. There is a saying that “it needs three points press, seven points fried material’’ we can see the important role fried material plays in the oil extraction process. However, the key to frying is the quality and device of the machine. Our company’s material frying machine adopts a gear transmission, each model is equipped with the device for damping noise and thicker plate and scrambled chamber volume. Hazelnut cold press oil machine can use a variety of heating fuel(coal, electricity, gas, firewood, etc.) to heat. Its design concept is wide heating and fast frying. Hazelnut cold press oil machine is also installed with oil temperature display instrument inverted switch, the magnetic separation functions and other advanced devices. Hazelnut oil making machine is easy to operate and has high degree of automation.

Hazelnut oil press

Characteristics of Hazelnut oil press
1. High oil yield and very low residual oil rate
2. Barrel warming with automatic controlling function
3. Be quipped with vacuum filter apparatus
4. Pressing very clean and pure oil
5. Rational structure and well-adapted
6. Stable and reliable operation with beautiful design
7. Low energy consumption and small machine wearing

Technical data of Hazelnut oil press

Hazelnut oil press

Applications of Hazelnut oil press

Hazelnut oil press

The final product
Hazelnut oil press

The structure of Hazelnut oil press

Hazelnut oil press

Our customers from all over the world

Hazelnut oil press

Packaging and shipping

Hazelnut oil press

Our certifications

Hazelnut oil press

Our service
1. Assist you build up factory and production line.
2. Install and maintain machines.
3. Training your workers to achieve skillful operation.
4. Offer technical support through telephone or online videos at any time.

About us
Lantian machinery mainly engaged in tea seed oil press, peanut oil press, Hazelnut oil press, Hazelnut oil making machine, Hazelnut cold press oil machine, til oil mill, such as rapeseed oil mill machinery. We produce oil mill product appearance design is novel, supporting structure is reasonable, practical, safe operation, intelligent press, high efficiency, fine filtration greatly improve the yield efficiency. Model product has covers an area of small, less investment, the best economic characteristics. It is suitable for factory production, and apply to individual oil mill processing.
Hazelnut oil press

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