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Corn oil press machine

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 28

Corn oil press machine

Descriptions of Corn oil press machine
Corn oil press machine is a kind of screw press product. Corn is one of the common crops, has grown in the basic rural. As people living standard rise, and for the development of science and technology, our company through the press out cooking oil, corn germ oil rich people's table, at the same time in the field of deep processing of corn germ is the further development. Corn germ yield efficiency is about 30%.Using corn germ as raw materials, through extraction germ, corn germ machine germ after Corn germ oil making machine frying pan fry heat to a certain temperature, into the Corn oil machine, corn germ oil is obtained.

Corn oil press machine

Characteristics of Corn oil press machine
1. Stainless steel used on the surface to reach the standard of food hygiene.
2. Cold lower temperature keep in pressing technology.
3. Reasonable pressing chamber design has increased the Corn germ oil making machine capacity while keeping the high oil yielding efficiency.
4. A double helix oil press equals two oil press, can obtain double benefit
5. High quality parts, stable oil pressing effect, saving the maintenance cost.
6. Military industrial manufacturing, quality chrome materials, quality trustworthy.

Technical data of Corn oil press machine

Corn oil press machine

Applications of Corn oil press machine

Corn oil press machine

The final product

Corn oil press machine

Our customers from all over the world

Corn oil press machine

Packaging and shipping

Corn oil press machine

Our certifications

Corn oil press machine

Our service
1. Ensure provide complete sets of equipment and accessories timely.
2. Ensure that one-time installation debugging acceptance.
3. To provide high quality material with preferential price.
4. Priority to provide customer our new craftworks and products.

About us
Lantian machinery is the domestic hydraulic automatic oil equipment research, development, manufacture of professional manufacturers. The factory production of peanut oil press, soybean oil press, small oil mill, automatic oil press, small oil mill, screw press, such as Corn oil press machine, Corn germ oil making machine, Corn oil machine, durable lasting, green squeeze, oily pure, high pressure oil cylinder, spiral, oil clear, maintenance is simple, safe and convenient, low cost. After years of innovation and development, our company has become a reliable quality, service satisfaction, customer trust brand. Our company have strong technical force, product quality. With advanced processing equipment, high-quality staff.
Corn oil press machine

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