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Waste refrigerator crusher machine

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 30

Waste refrigerator crusher machine

Brief introduction of Waste refrigerator crusher machine
The Waste refrigerator crusher machine / Refrigerator shell shredding machine of Gongyi Lantian machinery manufacturing is based on the traditional crusher and a kind of metal crusher equipment efficient, green, environmental protection, energy saving , assembled industry and technical experience abroad, which won the favor of the majority of the scrap recycling business. The Scrap washing machine crusher of Lantian,, low noise, large output, high crushing efficiency, decelerates motor drive, and configures the conveyor belt feeding device,. when the work of one or two people can control a mill equipment, simple operation, easy to use. Refrigerator TV shell shredder is very popular in the market. This Refrigerator shell shredding machine is invented based on various crushers’ advantage, fully applied impact, cutting, strike, grind these processing method.

Waste refrigerator crusher machine

Features of Waste refrigerator crusher machine
1. Especially suitable for shredding all kinds of waste computer hard disk and waste hard plastics.
2. Refrigerator shell shredding machine boot smoothly without too much noise, and the foundation is installed, the noise is very small.
3. Using electrical control security design to ensure the safety of operators.
4. Special designed cutter with high strength and long service life.
5. The whole set device includes charging device, discharging device(with magnetic separating), main machine and platform.
6. The pulverized material is very easy to carry out the transport, to facilitate feeding to smelt steel, also it reduces the number of feeding times.

The main technical parameters of Waste refrigerator crusher machine

Waste refrigerator crusher machine

Before crushing

Waste refrigerator crusher machine

After crushing

Waste refrigerator crusher machine

Our customers from different countries

Waste refrigerator crusher machine

Packaging & Shipping of Waste refrigerator crusher machine

Waste refrigerator crusher machine


Waste refrigerator crusher machine

Our Services
1. Accept customer consultation, according to customer requirements, then determine the scale of operation, and offer solutions;
2. To provide customers with project design, process design, in a timely manner to provide customers with related technical documents;
3. According to your special requirements, design and manufacture of products, for your training technical operation personnel for preliminary design and construction design

Company Information
Gongyi Lantian machinery is a high-tech enterprise, Including research and development, production, sales and service, etc. In the past 30 years, we are committed to manufacturing crushing equipment, Waste refrigerator crusher machine,Scrap washing machine crusher,Refrigerator TV shell shredder,Refrigerator shell shredding machine ,biomass fuel production equipment, and recycling processing equipment. On product sales, the interest of customers is our priority, we service the pursuit of refinement, from the pre-sale consultation and enthusiastic service to the sale of promotional products, we are required to seek fine. Strong design and development, production and manufacturing, installation and debugging, technical maintenance, do not return visit regularly, strict quality assurance and quick in place of after-sales service, every link made careful arrangements, solves the customer a series of worries

Waste refrigerator crusher machine

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