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Metal crusher

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Metal crusher

Brief introduction of Metal crusher
Metal crusher, also called Metal crusher machine, is a kind of crushing machine, scrap metal material according to the materials of different called Scrap metal crusher machine, broken cans crusher, scrap steel crusher, the paint bucket crusher, etc. These are Metal hammer crusher general equipment. The Waste metal crusher with qualified production line arrangement, is a set of perfect metal crusher production line equipment. Scrap metal crusher machine is the large size of the solid metal material crushing professional mechanical processing to the required size. According to the size of the broken or crushed material crusher can be divided into coarse crusher, crushing machine, fine grinding machine, in ultrafine grinding machine. This Waste metal crusher is mainly composed of worm gear and worm gear motor, chassis, chassis, combination screw tooth cutting wheel, drive shaft and driven shaft, big gear and small gear and other parts.

Metal crusher

Features of Metal crusher
1. Large torque, high yield, no manic, resistant to wear, etc.
2. Can to sharply reduce chip processing of iron filings volume.
3. Chip, horizontal double roller crusher can make the chip drying, briquetting, smelting, and broken, in the early period of the chemical fire prevention materials handling and pneumatic conveying becomes easy.
4. To cut broken down strips of metal processing tool cutting, spiral, sheet of metal scrap.
5.This Metal hammer crusher is the idea machinery for Ferroalloy smelting, metal steel scrap, scrap iron, scrap metal and scrap recycling companies.
6.  This Scrap metal crusher machine can be equipped with conveying feeding device.

The main technical parameters of Metal crusher

Metal crusher

Before crushing

Metal crusher

After crushing

Metal crusher

Our customers from different countries

Metal crusher

Packaging & Shipping of Metal crusher

Metal crusher


Metal crusher

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Lantian machinery factory is a professional metal crusher equipment manufacturers, after years of hard exploration, Through many years development, gongyi Lantian machinery relying on advanced management, good quality metal crusher equipment and good enterprise reputation among many honor with the customer high praise, the company won a number of industry awards at home and abroad in recent years, the recognition of the good reputation and products.
Metal crusher

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