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Movable inclined belt conveyor

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 31

Flexible screw conveyor

Brief description of Movable inclined belt conveyor
Movable inclined belt conveyor can be used for horizontal or tilt transportation and it’s very convenient to use, widely used in various industrial enterprises such as: the underground workings of the mine, mine ground transportation system, open pit and concentrator. According to the transport process requirements, not only can use a single conveyor but also can be composed of multiple components or other equipment to form horizontal or inclined conveyor system to meet needs of different types of layout. The Rubber belt conveyor is a kind of friction drive transport material continuously machine. Horizontal coal belt conveyor is mainly made of the rack, conveyor belts, idlers, rollers, tensioning device, and gear
Flexible screw conveyor

The case

Flexible screw conveyor

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