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Wood grinder machine

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2015 / 08 / 26

Wood grinder machine

Brief introduction of Wood grinder machine
Wood grinder machine (also known as Wood grinder, cutting wood pallet machine, timber mill, sawdust machine, sawdust grinder) is a special device for producing wood flour. Wood crushing machine is widely used in prepared section of papermaking, mushroom, charcoal, particle board, sawdust board and the single production base of wood flour (sawdust). The Wood crusher machine crushed the main raw material is wood, branches. It makes the wood, branches fork and other materials into sawdust in the first time. Tree branches shredder for making sawdust is a advanced machinery for sawdust which is used to produce edible fungus, or sawdust board raw material, man-made charcoal raw material, paper-making material. The wood, tree branch and other material are milled into sawdust for just one time. While crushing the feed materials, the adjustable size of feed material can reduce the energy consumption of animal chew on, on the other hand on the transport, storage, mixing and granulation is more convenient, efficient and better quality. While crushing the wood materials, the material can be crushed into very small size to make the pellet.

Wood grinder machine

Technical parameters of Wood grinder machine

Wood grinder machine

Wood grinder machine
1.Easy operate
2.Perfect performance
3.Lower consumption & power saving
4.Crush various of branches/timbers/logs

Main features of the Wood grinder machine
1. The Wood crushing machine need a small-money investor, lower energy consumption, high  productivity and good economic returns, easy to operate and maintain.
2. Tree branches shredder is the sawdust machine which can crush many kinds of wood, branches etc into sawdust directly.
3. Designed with safety appliances, prohibit browsing incidents, safety and reliable.
4. Adopted advanced feeding structure with feeding roller, feeding capacity and feeding automatically and smoothly, high productivity.
5. Wear-resistant high strongly, high strong bolt, safe and reliable
6. The frame of the Wood crusher machine is made of thickness steel welding together, beautiful design, durable using.

Final products for show

Wood grinder machine


The case

Wood grinder machine


Our customers from different countries

Wood grinder machine


Packaging & Shipping of Wood grinder machine

Wood grinder machine


Wood grinder machine

Our Services
1. We devote to all-round service of all the products from shipment to maintenance.
2. Our professional service include: free training, guidance, onsite installation, and debugging.
3. After selling, we provide the warranty of two years and free technical guidance and spares parts supply.

Company Information
Gongyi Lantian Machinery is one of the large-scale enterprises of construction machinery, which has strong technical force, the modernization of production equipment and scientific manufacturing processes. Our factory has advanced machinery manufacturing equipment, strong development capability and perfect after-sales service, is a research, development, manufacture, installation, debugging, grain machinery professional manufacturers. Since factory, enterprise development year by year, product constantly updated, and with advanced feed processing equipment, exquisite technology, strict testing, to ensure to provide customers with excellent products. And the energy is committed to environmental protection enterprise, enterprise, advocate a healthy environment, healthy life.

Wood grinder machine

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