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BBQ charcoal making machine It takes some skill to produce high-quality barbecue charcoal

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2018 / 06 / 16

BBQ charcoal making machine
BBQ charcoal making machine If you want to produce high-quality barbecue charcoal, you need to master certain skills. Because these techniques are often the solution to the charcoal machine problem. Then how to produce high-quality charcoal in the actual charcoal technology of barbecue charcoal machine?
BBQ charcoal making machine
The first thing to note is the use of raw materials. The raw materials used in BBQ charcoal making machine require dry humidity to be between 6% and 12%. Therefore, a set of matching dryer equipment is needed to make the raw material humidity reach good production. effect.
BBQ charcoal making machine
Secondly, for the mixing of raw materials according to a certain proportion, in the production process of BBQ charcoal  machine, the propellers used in the production lines using different raw materials are also different, and they need to be equipped with suitable propellers. The granularity and hardness of the raw materials must also be matched, so that the produced sticks can be of high quality.
BBQ charcoal making machine
It is also very important for users to operate BBQ charcoal making machine after purchase. The temperature control is very important in the process of the production line of the charcoal machine. The difference in temperature has a great relationship with the stick, so long as the temperature is properly controlled. The probability of problems such as “burning”, “cracking” and “information” on charcoal rods produced will be reduced, so as to achieve the effect of increasing the yield and yield.

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